San Francisco going East

Rideshare driver from SF with over 22,000 rides, it is easy to verify my 4.99 and 5.00 star ratings on the two most popular apps. My official records from the ride share companies support that driving 7 days a week 10-12 hours a day are normal for me. I have also successfully delivered a car and two dogs from Las Vegas to New York with no issues. Safe efficient interstate driving are nothing new to me. In my early twenties I worked in Las Vegas as a valet at a casino/hotel on weekends and as a computer programmer near Los Angeles during the week. Making that round trip every week for over a year (at least) conditioned me for longer haul driving.

This particular trip is for me and my significant other. The goal is to make it to Eastern Canada for a wedding the first week of July. I would also like to visit friends and family as well as interesting cities along the way. She is interested in a beach tour across the southern and eastern US. So genuinely reach out even if you think that we wouldn't want to take your car to a city in the South on our way to the far North East. If it makes sense and we can earn enough money for a flight, train, etc... we might just be interested.

As noted I am a ride share driver and a "techie." We are both very clean and respectable people. She is a tattoo and airbrush artist from Europe visiting me in the United States for over a month and a half where I just got back from visiting her for a month. With only my income while she is visiting and while work is scarce in the Bay Area due to massive tech layoffs, booking this trip with a driving for pay opportunity is looking pretty enticing on our end. I've only done this in the past for friends and family, though I would love to hear about your needs and consider if we have a good fit.

We are both excellent pet parents and love animals. If you need to send any of them with your car, we are happy to talk about this. As well, if you want to drive your car and need a couple of people to drive a uHaul/moving truck, that's an option too.

I'm selecting screenshots that don't include sensitive information, I can after talking on the phone, text more recent screenshots of my active account statuses, social media links (I've been on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more than 10 years each).

We only have one suitcase, two backpacks, and a small pair of clean and dirty laundry bags. As long as it's safe enough to park a car with what you have packed in it, we are fine with a passenger and driver seat unencumbered.

Also please note that I have significant experience with driving and charging EV's like VW eGolf, Tesla Model 3, Ford Mustang Mach-E. I have zero qualms about driving a Tesla across country, other EV's I'm open to as long as you are paying all of the fees associated, as I'm assuming the requested amount here deducts us paying for the gas after the first tank on a vehicle that gets between 25 and 50 miles per gallon. Very low vehicle mpg like a rented truck, we will have to negotiate fuel and honestly we are less likely to want to drive off the direct route in that case, so less likely to accept offers. I'll still consider what could work best based on your needs combined with our wants.

Amount You are Requesting to Drive : $2500
Available From: Jun 27, 2024
Available Until: Jul 3, 2024
Destination (This is final destination/delivery for the transported vehicle ): East
Listing created May 29, 2024