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a Frugal way to Travel and Transport 

eFravel lets owners who need a vehicle transported find travelers who are available. 

Travelers find vehicles to suit their travel needs without incurring one-way rental and/or drop-off fees and sometimes even get paid for their travel! 

Owners save money on shipping costs and get their vehicle transported sooner than waiting several weeks for the cargo shippers to transport their vehicles.

User Reviews

Teresa P

"eFravel was a great service. I had several offers to drive our camper from Connecticut to Washington. After checking references, I found a semi-professional driver who was reasonable, put him on our insurance policy for the week, and he got our camper to us quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended service. Admin help was also great!"

Thejas H 

"eFravel was a website that I randomly chanced upon while searching for options on a long distance move (Seattle to Philadelphia). The posting process was easy and straightforward. Although, I proceeded initially with hesitation given that this is a new website, in the end I was extremely satisfied. The individual I hired was professional, prompt and friendly. He was experienced with driving long distances, and large vehicles such as a moving truck including a car trailer. He arrived at my final destination in time, saved my gas money and was easy to work with. He provided updates throughout his journey. Overally, I would use his services and that of eFravel again without hesitation. It saved me time, money and a headache with other movers.

I will recommend to friends as much as I can. Thanks!"

Kidgloves T 

"eFravel has been a wonderful site for me to pick up jobs going across the country. Whether you are looking for a paid job or just a car to drive to get you back home, efravel is the way to go.

The people on here are friendly and courteous and the admin team is a great group of people. I recommend efravel for all of your transportation needs."

Maria L 

"I found a driver through your app. Great app! "


Cheapest way to transport your car long distance - peer to peer car-sharing 

Social networking and shared economy have created disruptive market changes in the last 10 years. Airbnb and Uber have enabled the shared market economy where home/car owners and travelers have benefited from each other’s needs. In a similar fashion, companies like eFravel are attempting to disrupt the long-distance car transportation to make it cheaper by 25% - 50% compared to normal shipping methods by using peer-to-peer car sharing. They connect owners interested in shipping or transporting their cars with travelers willing to drive - a neat concept in the current shared economy trend as explained below.

Road travel is on the rise in the US thanks to cheap gasoline over the past few years. A 2019 survey by AAA estimates at least 33% of Americans will take a road trip. Many vacationers, families, retirees, and college students are taking cross-country trips. Road travel has its advantages: you can see multiple places, visit friends and family at various locations, provides flexibility, etc. The one main drawback of a road trip is the time it takes. For a round-trip, many people would prefer a one-way car rental and travel the other way by flight. However, one-way car rentals are usually prohibitively expensive due to the drop-off fees and the rental costs involved. Imagine, if only the owners looking to ship or transport their vehicles can easily find the travelers looking for car rental! It would be a win-win, saving significant amounts of money for both parties. It is long distance car sharing. In fact, it is a reverse economy where travelers end up getting free car rental and could get paid for their travel. Car owners, in spite of paying the travelers for gas and lodging expenses, could still be spending 50% – 75% less than the shipping cost making this the cheapest way to transport your vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Long-Distance Car Sharing

  • You can usually save lots of money if you can find someone traveling the route you want to transport. Most do it for free of just charge you for gas or gas + hotel
  • You can potentially get your car faster
  • You can have your car packed with goods that you want to transport too (many drivers and travelers don’t mind and just want enough space for a suitcase or so)
  • You can transport pets
  • You can drive along with them and see the country


  • You will add wear and tear to the vehicle compared to shipping
  • You have to do additional work to check the references and do background check of the person who is driving your vehicle (unless the company does it for you)
  • You have to add the person transporting your car to your auto insurance policy unless that person has a professional insurance covering your vehicle

Get a low one-way car rental rate during holiday season - a travel tip

I always thought one-way car rentals are expensive due to drop off charges and the high daily rental rates. However, last thanksgiving, I got a one-way car rental at the Durham Airport for $7 per day with no drop off charges! I was dropping the car at Atlanta after a week. This was an unbelievable rate. How did I get it and why was the rental car company charging so less?

Well, it’s easier than you think. After searching lot of travel sites and cheap car websites, I almost gave up. Then when I was booking Southwest airlines, I decided to book a car along with flights. It hooked me to a large car rental company and showed me $7 daily rate. I couldn’t believe it and was looking for a catch. There was none. I even called to verify.  When I went to pick up the car, I asked the person at the counter. She said that during holiday season they want to get many cars from neighboring smaller cities as far as 6-8 hours to bigger cities due to the demand there. Instead of paying drivers to drive the cars they give cheap rates to travelers. A Win-win situation! So, the next time you want to travel to two cities, think about it. Pick the smaller city (of the two) to fly in to and the bigger city to fly out of. Then try getting a one-way rental from the smaller city to a bigger city and voila – you could end up with an great rate! A better deal than that would be to get a free car rental and even get paid for gas and hotel!! You could do that if you drive someone else's car who is looking for a driver to transport their car. Travel forums and social shared economy market places are good places to find such an incredible deal!

Have fun traveling!